Essential tips for Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is the best high-quality game for every football lover. It is a free game launched by the first touch for both platforms IOS and Android. You can also play it with your friends by connecting the game to Facebook. It provides you best graphics like real life soccer matches. If you are playing it for the first time, then try to take help from the tutorials to learn the rules and controls. If you want to win the matches, then it’s essential for you to learn good pass, good shots or good cross. Prepare yourself for losses; because it is not good to lose hope after a match, you have to try for multiple times to win the single game. It is important for you to learn new kicks because there are many types of shots are available in Dream League Soccer Hack.

Types of kicks

  • Bicycle kick – It is very difficult to kick in football. You have to increase your skills to learn it. For performing bicycle kick, you have to hit the ball in the air with the backflip. In Dream League Soccer you have to press C and make target for the bicycle kick.
  • Scissor kick- It is simple to make a scissor kick; you can do it by swipe sideways in the screen. It is a very useful kick for the hard situations.
  • The Maradona – Maradona kicks needs three steps to do it, the master foot drag-back, body spin, weaker foot drag- back. You have to swipe done to perform it.
  • The rainbow kick- To perform rainbow kick you have to swipe up, it is a very useful kick for the direct hit.
  • The step over- It is the best shot for the attacking players, you have to tap on the screen twice to perform it.



In the Dream League Soccer, you have to work properly in a squad to win the matches. You have to start the game with low players, but you have the chance to update them by increasing your level, so try to play hard to play long.