User Guide For Legacy Discord

User Guide For Legacy Discord

Are you new to this awesome MMORPG for Android and iOS devices? Then you have come to the right place. As a beginner, you will find important details and user guides about some of the important factors that are found within Legacy of Discord. Once you have a full understanding of the game, you can smoothly progress through this fantasy game.

Characters in Legacy of Discord

Before you can fully get into the game, you will need to choose the type of character to complete legacy of discord cheats your chapters with. You can choose from three classes of characters or heroes, which includes:
Sorceress – This is a character that has the ability of the element of ice. She will use her magic capabilities to destroy her enemies using frost. She can freeze even some of the toughest enemies.
Bladedancer – This is a character that has the ability or element of electricity. He can strike his enemies at the sped of lightning, which puts one at an advantage.
Berserker – This is a character that has the ability or element of fire. He has an impenetrable body and has indominable strength to fight anyone who come across his path.
Features of Legacy of Discord
The following are some of the element that LOD are found in this fantasy action game:
Player vs. Player Modes – if you find that player vs. player is part of your things, then you will have an easy time as you take part in the one tips and tricks on one challenges in the Arena. You can also take part in large scale battle which are fought on larger battlegrounds, such as the Guild War.
Guild System – Here there are numerous guardians form all over the world. As a player, you can join a guild which will help you become stronger and win battles.
Pet System – The game offers pets which are your companions. The pets help characters in battles. They will also improve your Battle Rating and make you more powerful.

Other features of the game include the PVE Trial, Wrathwing System and PVP Game modes. As a player, you will need to make sure that you participate in all levels and quests so that you can earn more point, gold and diamonds.

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